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Business Solutions

Business Solutions

Business goals and environments change constantly along with the methods and technologies that support them. These continious changes create needs to develop and update software solutions for enterprises, in which an external expert can offer valuable assistance.

Prosys helps companies update their current systems as well as develop completely new and innovative solutions. We help optimize business processes with the newest information technology. Intelligent real-time data reporting and automated work flows provide many benefits:

  • streamlines production management, procurement and inventory control
  • improves sales, customer relationship management and service
  • enables development of completely new types of services
  • makes the work of personnel easier and faster

Appreciating and enhancing the work that business system users are doing is important for us. Improving usability not only improves the efficiency of work, but also improves staff satisfaction. Sometimes it's sufficient to design and develop a new and better user interface, instead of replacing a system completely.

We help enterprises take advantage of the opportunities the internet offers and use them to improve business efficiency. For example, we excel at developing monitoring and reporting development, e-business systems and applicable internet technologies. Comprehensive solutions often require system integration, of which we have gained a lot of experience.

We have worked with hundreds of different enterprises during the last 10 years. We offer our personnel’s extensive technology and industry expertise flexibly to fit your needs. We manage the projects with agile methods and make sure, that the right things are done the right way in your project.

Examples of solutions we have developed:

  • ERP systems
  • E-commerce
  • Web shops
  • Sales configurators
  • Project management
  • Material tracking
  • Reporting solutions
  • System integration
  • Web sites
  • SaaS (Software as a Service)
  • Server virtualization


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