Case Semat


Semat Group provides international project management services. Finnish and multinational industrial enterprises constitute a significant part of the customer base. Typical customer projects include product development, operations development, production, merchandising and manufacturability projects as well as transfers of production. The company is also a project competence trainer, which offers training for business management, project managers, specialists and engineers.

Visual and Efficient Sales Configurator


Prosys developed sales configurator software to support training planning, customer service and sales activities of Semat. The sales configurator enables training program customization based on the needs of an individual customer company in a visual and efficient way.

Customized Training Modules

The software presents individual course modules and helps to create complete training programs, schedules and offers in real time. Systematic planning processes, modularity of courses, readiness of customization and user friendly functions speed up and guarantee the high quality of customer service.

“The new software tool gives us a clear advantage when selling training. It unifies all of our training offerings and helps us to serve our customers better than our competitors”, states Jani Rathgeber, CEO of Semat.

Features of the Software

Training planning is based on different course modules, whose data can be freely created, edited and removed. The software allows the user to form the training program based on the customer’s specific content and scheduling needs. The whole module range can be browsed with slick user interface, and selected course modules are placed to right spaces by using mouse. The software automatically makes certain assumptions about the training dates and schedules, but the user can edit all data in order to achieve exactly the desired outcome.

All the planned training programs are stored in files, and can be edited and new versions made as needed. It is also possible to encrypt the file, so that training program data cannot be changed afterwards. Using configurator, training program data is printed in the form of offer or order confirmation. The document includes an overview of the training, user-entered supplementary information, training schedule and descriptions of the selected courses.

Prosys designed and implemented the solution very quickly and flexibly. The work proceeded smoothly, and we did not need to use much time for briefing – in fact, they were able to help also in some non-software development tasks. The company’s strengths are its technological know-how, reliability and activity, our cooperation has worked very well.”

Heikki Laaksonen
Project Manager, Semat Group


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