Case Helsingin Energia

Helsingin Energia

As one of the largest energy companies in Finland, Helsingin Energia supplies electric energy to about 400,000 customers in Finland and covers more than 90 percent of the heat demand of the capital city with district heat. Helsingin Energia also produces and sells district cooling, which is considerably expanding in Helsinki. Among other services provided by Helsingin Energia are the design, projecting and maintenance of energy production and distribution systems. Helsingin Energia is also responsible for the outdoor lighting systems in Helsinki.

OPC and OPC UA Technology Training for an Energy Company


Helsingin Energia is one of Finland's largest energy companies and they utilize OPC solutions provided by different vendors. OPC is an open standard for data transfer used especially by the technology industry, and it enables connecting devices and systems by different manufacturers. Use of the new OPC UA technology enables secure data transfer in all platforms and networks and use of OPC UA based solutions is expected to increase in many industries. Prosys organized a customized training for Helsingin Energia, including hands-on exercises which complemented the theoretical parts.

Customized Training

Since the significance of OPC and OPC UA technology continuously increases, Helsingin Energia wanted to increase their expertise and expand it to new organizational levels. Prosys fulfilled this need by organizing a customized training considering the following topics:

  • OPC Foundation as the developer of the technology
  • Applications interoperability testing
  • Basics of OPC communication, server types and server configuration
  • DA (Data Access) and UA (Unified Architecture) communications
  • Simulation servers and test clients
  • Tunneling and routing
  • Remote access
  • Security

A major part of the course content was exercises, which helped participants to achieve practical experience of the topics covered in the training. The participants found the training very successful: the training had good feedback grades and especially the trainers’ expertise and course content were given high grades.

Helsingin Energia had a need to learn the basics of OPC technology and update the knowledge to the next generation OPC specification, OPC UA. As a trainer, Prosys was able to provide a training that met our requirements. Within the training our process system specialists gained a good knowledge base and understanding of different OPC technologies, their generations and differences. The trainers could, based on their strong expertise, answer the questions that arose during the training.”

Ville Vaittinen
System Specialist, Helsingin Energia


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