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Hansaprint is one of the leading printing houses in the Nordic region and a service company specialized in comprehensive marketing solutions. Printing services include, among others, magazines, customer and organization publications, various kinds of marketing materials, brochures, product catalogues, guides and point-of-sale materials. Business locations of Hansaprint are Turku and Vantaa in Finland as well as Stockholm and Malmö in Sweden. Hansaprint has affiliated companies and associates in all Nordic countries, Western Europe, Russia as well as in China and North and South America.

Production Data Acquisition and ERP Integration


Hansaprint's operational basis for real-time production monitoring and control is formed by G10 ERP, which however needs to be complemented with a separate and more accurate production data acquisition and machine connections. Prosys developed a system, which in co-operation was customized for processes and machines of Hansaprint. The solution benefits include real-time data acquisition with customized machine and factory user interfaces, performance calculation, automatic transfer of data between different systems and reduction of manual reporting. Also the maintenance of production machines is more efficient when run time and fault diagnostics data is available.

System functions and benefits

In the implemented system, networked ethernet i/o devices register precisely the changes in production machines and measure the production quantity and quality. Virtualized Windows server runs a variety of software, which form a uniform solution. The raw data is read from data acquisition devices and written to the database, then organized and summarized into more usable format, and integrated with ERP using JMF standard based XML messaging. The software also offers real-time interfaces for production lines and production management personnel. In development work Delphi and IntraWeb tools have been used and dynamic browser interfaces are based on AJAX technology.

Real-time production monitoring and control as well as data acquisition for accounting and development activities are important to Hansaprint. System Manager Mika Heikkinen is pleased with the co-operation and its results: “the software we need are usually connected to production one way or another. Quite a few IT companies have expertise in the graphic industry. Prosys strengths include a thorough knowledge of the industry, ready concepts, innovation and a genuine desire for service. I think Prosys has succeeded in this project as a whole very well.”

System functions include:

  • Gross, net and waste quantity counting
  • Manual or automatic transition from makeready to run state
  • Automatic run/stop state monitoring
  • Fault diagnostic reading from the machine control system
  • Individual station based quantity counting for inserter and gluing stations
  • Comparison of produced quantity to ordered quantity
  • Shift and personal registration
  • Production performance indicators
  • Bulletin board for communication between production management, production lines, and personnel
  • Produced quantity and machine status updates to ERP in real time
  • Job start/finish and machine run/stop/fault state synchronization with the ERP system

The system implemented for Hansaprint is easy to expand and can be customized for different production lines. Based on the centralized database, it is possible to build different user interfaces, reporting and integrations with other systems. Browser interfaces enable the use of the system from a number of different devices anywhere, anytime with no additional software installations.

Prosys is an excellent production reporting and monitoring solutions supplier, still have to praise the way they work in programming: it is fast and flexible. We did development work together, and Prosys delivered agreed modules on schedule and made the necessary changes quickly. True agile software development.”

Lasse Hellsten
System Designer, Hansaprint Oy


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