Case Biocid


Biocid specializes in improving microbiological quality and production efficiency of food and drink industry. For drink industry Biocid has developed an innovative solution, which guarantees the required hygiene level of the bottle and can filling process by using UVC light and active oxygen.

Control System for Industrial Hygiene Solution


Prosys delivered control and monitoring software for Biocid dry disinfection solution. Prosys was also responsible for the new graphical user interface that was based on touch screen technology.

Control System for Industrial Hygiene Solution

In the application real time measurement and control was based on Beckhoff industrial PC and TwinCAT PLC. User interfaces were implemented as C# Windows Forms applications using .NET Compact Framework 2.0 platform. The graphical user interface enables control of the system, monitoring of states, creating timings for devices and writing log files. In addition, the system automatically presents maintenance notifications to users.

Development Manager of Biocid, Heikki Laaksonen worked as project manager for the full system devellopment. He highlights the importance of the specification work and agile methods as basis of a successful project. “Because schedules are often challenging, high expertise and quick grasp of customer needs are required”, says Mr. Laaksonen.

We looked for a solution provider that would be a reliable, yet flexible enterprise. Prosys was selected because they use agile methods and industry knowledge. In software projects one of the biggest challenges is to complete the task in the planned schedule. Prosys estimated the required work realistically and delivered the software solution as agreed, although the project schedule was demanding. For reliability, I would say they are top rate.”

Erkki Anttila,
Director, Biocid


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