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Metso is a global supplier of technology and services for mining, construction, power generation, automation, recycling and the pulp and paper industries.

Management of Intelligent Valve Controllers


Metso’s automation business line customers are oil and gas industry, pulp and paper industry, power production, industrial gas and alternative fuels. Prosys designed and developed software for the diagnostics and management of valve controllers and valves for Metso.


Prosys has designed and developed ValveViewer, a Windows application for management of intelligent valve controllers, according to the requirements of Metso. The implementation is based on Delphi and Prosys Sentrol, a leading SDK (software development kit) for OPC client, server and application development. Other tools that have been used include ModelMaker for UML, FinalBuilder, InstallShield and CVS for version control.

During the active development phase, agile methods were used in a seamless joint-operation. Extensive testing was performed both at development lab and on-site to ensure integration with automation systems from different vendors. ValveViewer quickly achieved acceptance as a productive tool for professionals of field devices and instrumentation, and is used in numerous installations worldwide. The software is currently in maintenance and support phase, where small enhancements and updates are made according to customer needs.

ValveViewer is a Windows application for management of Neles ND9000F series of intelligent valve controllers (and thereby also valves) connected to FOUNDATION fieldbus. The software is used during all main life cycle phases: commissioning, operation and maintenance.

ValveViewer provides a graphical user interface for configuration, monitoring, calibration, diagnostics and testing purposes. Advanced features of the software are based on the Neles valve controllers’ unique ability to store information from the valve’s entire life cycle in its memory, from where valuable valve performance and predictive diagnostics data can be retrieved.

ValveViewer includes an OPC client which connects to different OPC servers and reads information from devices of ND9000F series. Upon startup, the software scans available devices from the factory network (available from the OPC server), shows the device list for the user for device selection and opens the diagnostic interface for the selected device. Alternatively, the application can be launched directly for a selected device, which enables smooth integration with other systems and significantly improves usability.

Using smart adaptive algorithms ValveViewer can use information from OPC servers of various FOUNDATION fieldbus compatible automation systems such as Metso, ABB, Emerson, Honeywell, Yokogawa and National Instruments. All things considered, ValveViewer offers a unique set of beneficial features to valve maintenance & engineering.

Prosys has provided us software experts and tools with a long-term commitment. In our projects specification work is very important, yet it is difficult to get all requirements and details written in advance. This challenge was addressed by using agile methods, which produced good results. Another important factor was the demanding work required to achieve interoperability between different systems. Overall, I rate Prosys services as praiseworthy and professional.”

Pasi Heikkinen
Metso Automation


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